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First Aid Kit – M-3 Medic Bag


First Aid Kit – M-3 Medic Bag


The M3 Medic Bag  is a GI style issued kit that folds out three ways for easy and quick access to all your first aid supplies, containing over 135 survival items. The Bag is made out of nylon, and has a shoulder and M.O.L.L.E. straps.

The M3 Medic bag measures 8”x7”x9”.
The M3 Medic complete Bag weighs 3.9 lbs.

The M3 Medic bag is available in OLIVE DRAB.

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Product Description

M3 Medic Bag Conains over 135 items, including:

1 Sterile Flushing Solution 1 Lip Treatment
2 Tongue Depressors 1 Triangular Bandage 40”x40”x56”
1 Hand Soap 1 EFA – First Aid Instructions
2 Bandage Gauzes, 4”x4.1yds. 6 Safety Pins
1 Elastic Bandage, 6” 2 Pairs Latex Examination Gloves
1 BleedStop Bandage 10 Pain Relievers
4 Sterile Sponges, 4”x4” 1 Pill Bottle
4 Abdominal Pads, 5”x9” 1 Irrigation Syringe
1 Eye Pad 2 First Aid Cream Packages
16 Bandage Strips 1”x3” 2 Triple Antibiotic Packages
2 Instant Ice Packs 1 Burn Aid Package
1 EMT Shears, 7.25” 2 Tape, Rolls, Adhesive
1 Stainless Steel Hemostat, 5” 16 Alcohol Wipes
1 Pair of Tweezers 15 Iodine Wipes
1 Suture Set 15 Antiseptic BZK Wipes
1 Airway 15 Clean Wipes
1 Tourniquet 1 Splint