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Gas Mask and Filter – Czech CM4

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Gas Mask and Filter – Czech CM4


The protective mask CM-4, in combination with a suitable filter, protects the face and the respiration ways from the consequences of toxic gases, vapors, and aerosols, radioactive dust, and biologically harmful substances.

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Product Description

The protective mask CM4, in combination with a suitable filter, is used for the protection of face, eyes, and respiration ways against chemical toxic substances and industrial poisons, which are present in the form of gases, vapors, solid and liquid aerosols, and further against biological aerosols, against radioactive dust resulting from an explosion of a chemical weapon, or from accidents resulting from facilities and devices which use nuclear materials.

The perfect design of the mask safeguards perfect protection against the above mentioned harmful substances during the mask application, independently of meteorological conditions. The mask CM-4M is complemented with an apparatus for receiving liquids, which makes it possible to drink beverages from a plastics bottle with the mask applied, the bottle being, of course, provided with a special valve-containing stopper.