As a young Paratrooper I had the opportunity to jump out of many perfectly good aircraft carrying a heavy laden rucksack, generally weighing well over 100 pounds that my employer deemed necessary to the performance of my job.

That heavy load usually allowed for no more than about 8 days worth of our beloved canned C-Rations.  C-Rations were bulky and heavy, although actually pretty good tasting but they weighed in at around 3 pounds per day if we carried the entire ration.

One day we were introduced to the Long Range Patrol Rations, AKA LRP’s.  We were in love; the LRP Rations were lightweight, delicious, quick and easy to prepare and were very compact.  We could now carry as much as 24 days of LRP Rations for about the same weight as 8 days worth of C-Rats.

The individual items within the Freeze Dried rations averaged around 1/3rd to 1/5th the weight of the wet pack canned rations; life had just gotten better.

I became so enamored with the LRP Rations that I called the manufacturer and asked to become a dealer for their products.  They thought this was odd as I could get the foods free, but no I told them, I wanted to sell these products during my off duty time.  Thus I became the first dealer of #10 cans of Mountain House Freeze Dried foods in the USA.  The LRP Ration was the father of the Freeze Dried foods packed in cans and pouches that we sell today for ultra long term storage, back packing and recreation.  The rest as they say is history.

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