If you are wondering who exactly in the U.S Military was the primary target for Long Range Patrol Rations, the hint is in the name. It was the Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols or LRPs.

The are the guys who serve as “Our eyes behind enemy lines.” They are the units of U.S. Military Special Forces members who bravely go deep into enemy territory. Their important but dangerous missions are done to gather intelligence on enemy troops, resources, and to identify high-value strategic targets of opportunity.

It is believed the concept of scouting on the enemy goes back to the beginnings of warfare itself. However, in modern U.S. Military use, historians claim Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols were formed from early examples such as the Long Range Desert Group, and Force 136. These specialized units operated behind enemy lines during World War II setting the standards for skills and tactics.

U.S. Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols played important roles in Eastern Europe in the 1950’s and 1960s in countries such as Germany and Czechoslovakia. The Soviet Union was a major military threat then. LRRPs were then active in North Vietnam in the 1960’s and early 1970s. Today, long range patrolling tactics are carried out by teams such as Long Range Surveillance units, Army Rangers, Navy SEALS, and U.S. Marine Reconnaissance units.

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Based on his long working relationship with the manufacturer who exclusively provides this freeze dried food for the U.S. Military, the Freeze Dry Guy, (an ol’ SF Trooper himself) has secured the entire supply of the 2013 LRP Ration overrun targeted for U.S. Special Forces.

Don’t worry about the 2013 date. These LRPs are still in their infancy. “Fresh off the line” as the Freeze Dry Guy says. Remember, like other freeze dried foods, LRP Rations generally have a shelf which will last you for decades.

Speaking of decades, the Freeze Dry Guy has quite a history with these products. He has proudly eaten them since the early days when they were introduced to U.S. Military Special Forces in the 1960’s. From his personal stash which includes Long Range Patrol Rations older than most of this year’s college graduates, he enjoys LRPs on camping and backpacking trips.

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