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Healing Foods Workshops

We get most of our medicines from herbs and other food items, mostly plants. Thus, it’s safe to say that food can be medicinal. In this workshop, you learn about the healing properties of various foods and recipes for preparing them.

It’s essential because it helps us know the benefits of the meals we would otherwise take for granted.

Granola bar and bread with lingonberries and apples
Fresh green chicory

Growing Your Vegetables

In this workshop, you’ll learn simple techniques for having your herb or vegetable garden at home. You don’t need much land or a large farm; you only need a small soil patch.

You can plant things like tomatoes, peppers, and herbs, including basil, thyme, and curry. That saves you a little from the money you’d use to buy them.

Balancing Your Diet

We know there are different food classes, but many people find it hard to balance their diet for appropriate nutrition. It’s crucial to know that you aren’t consuming too much of one and skimping on others.

Understanding how to do that helps in meal planning and ensures that you’re getting healthy amounts of each food class.

Vegan almond milk, non dairy alternative milk
Winter vegetarian or vegan food cooking ingredients

Cooking Therapy

Besides the necessity of cooking so that you have something to eat, the process can be therapeutic. For some people, it helps relieve stress after a long day, and for others, it’s an excellent hobby to clear the mind. In this workshop, we learn easy-to-make dinner recipes.

We do that while focusing on pouring our heart out into the results of our cooking.

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