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6 Month Bug Out Bucket Kit 

6 Month Standard or Hearty Breakfast & Entree "Bug Out" Unit:

Standard Size "Bug Out Bucket" Unit: 

Standard Is a great starting point for families and individuals who need the security of a "Bug Out" food unit. At  3.7, 1 cup serving, this unit is smaller than the recommeneded adult food intake of 4.5 - 5.5- 1 cup servings per day. 

Hardy Size "Bug Out Bucket" Unit:

Hardy is a complete "Bug Out" food unit for families and individuals. At 5.6, 1 cup servings, this unit meets the requirements for an adult daily food intake.

FDG recommends you add the Hardy unit for a maximum food storage.

Nutritional Information & Preparation Instructions

15 Day Standard or Hardy  "Bug Out" Bucket

Total Dimensions:

Standard: 12" tall x 10" deep x 12" wide

Hearty: 12" tall x 10" deep x 12" wide

Total Servings;

Standard: 56 

Hardy: 84

Total weight; 

Standard: 10 lbs. 

Hardy: 12 lbs.

Shelf Life: 25 Years

Monthly Calculation:  Based on a 30 day calendar, size, and activity level.  

The recommend allowance for an adult is 4 ½ to 5 ½ 
1 cup servings daily.
Smart Packaging

Our unique packaging adds value to our meals by protecting them better and making them easier to store and easier to prepare.

Nitrogen-Flushed Pouch:  Wise Foods’ ready-made meals are packed in airtight NITROGEN PACKED pouches.  Our unique packaging process removes the majority of the residual oxygen and immediately flushes the mylar bag with nitrogen.  This in turn simplifies the preparation process by not having to first locate and then remove an oxygen absorber from each individual pouch. 

Mylar Family-size 4-serving Foil Pouch:  Our unique packaging also adds incredible value to our products by making it easier to store, eat, and further prolong the shelf life of each individual meal. Instead of using #10 cans—which when opened force you to eat enormous amounts of that particular food all at once to prevent rapid spoilage—we package each meal in its own separate mylar pouch, thus eliminating waste. It’s basically a flexible tin can that gives you the ability to eat what you want, when you want. 

Square Plastic Container and Grab—and—Go Handle:  We take the safe-keeping of your food a step further by adding another layer of security placing these 4-serving pouches into compact, 4-gallon, square buckets that are very easy to stack and store.

Because we don’t waste space by using and boxing #10 cans Wise food storage is much more compact and takes significantly less space.  Also, because the buckets are small and light, even children are able to grab and carry a month’s supply of food, if needed.  If you are placed in an emergency situation these buckets can also serve several other purposes, such as digging or disposing of waste.

Stackable Design: Each container is notched on the bottom to ensure stackability.  In no more space than a washer and dryer takes up, you can store enough ready-made meals to feed a family of 6 for a full year.
Re-sealable Pull Tab Lid:  Have you ever tried to open the lid of a 5-gallon bucket typically used for food storage?  As you know it can be a real pain.  Wise’s unique bucket contains an easy-to-open, easy-to-close re-sealable pull tab lid.