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Camping Food

Camping Food

Enjoying the Camping Life

Whether you prefer RV camping, tent camping or wilderness backpacking, the incredible convenience of US manufacutred Freeze Dried meals gives you extra time to relax and enjoy the outdoors without the worries of carrying and storing fresh foods. Check out Freeze Dry Guy’s full selection of Freeze Dried food for your camping trip. Click Here to Try a Sample Today.

Freeze Dry Guy’s selection of Freeze Dried & Dehydrated camping foods range from complete packaged meals to large, #10 cans of long-term storage entrees, real meat, vegetables, dairy products, and stews and grains. 

We offer products for every style of camping and every camper’s taste. Campers absolutely love the lightweight, compact storage,simple preparation and hearty wholesomeness that high quality Freeze Dried camp food delivers. Once you give it a try, you’ll wish you had added our delicious Freeze Dried food for camping to your vacation planning years ago!

Hiking Food

Keeping an easy to store, varied supply in the RV frees you from frequent grocery shopping. Carrying pre-cooked (just add water) Freeze Dried camp food on a backpacking trek is a breeze. Meals are durably packed, lightweight, and loaded with delicious flavor and nutrients. Our Freeze Dried camping food is the number one choice for adventure trekkers and weekend campers alike. You’ll never be dependent on bulky, easily spoiled foods again. 

Creative cooks invent delicious recipes combining freshly caught fish or game with Freeze Dried and dehydrated ingredients. Freeze Dried cheese, eggs or dairy are readily used in casseroles and sauces, while Freeze Dried vegetables and pasta are perfect in the stew pot. Freshly grilled burgers go perfectly with a scrumptious side dish of Freeze Dried camp food. Having an assortment of camping foods means meals will never be boring again. Use your imagination and invent your own incredible Freeze Dried camping food recipes. The space-saving convenience of delicious Freeze Dried camping food takes camp dining to a great new level! 

Backpacker's Delight
Backpacker's Food

Long treks through the wilderness require a minimalist vision of packing. Weighty camping gear, cooking equipment, and clothing leaves little space for the number one human requirement- food. Developed using space-aged technologies, Freeze Dried camping food is the ultimate in lightweight, delicious camp fare. Some choices include Beef Stew or Chili Macaroni, to savory Pasta Alfredo, or even Granola .  The specialized packaging of Freeze Dried food pouches is like a flexible can. It protects the food while being transported, incorporating design qualities made to withstand the rigors of backpacking.  All you have to do is boil some water and you have a hot table ready for any meal.  Our Outdoor Meals pouches are perfect for the occasional backpacking trip, or buy our Mountain House 10# cans for camping and base camp operations.

Freeze Dried food is preferred by most campers but Dehydrated food is also a suitable option for most trips.  Both Freeze Dried and dehydrated camping food offers portable, convenient meals to help take the bother out of having a reliable supply of delicious trail food. Just open the package, pour in hot water and eat. Waste is kept to a minimum, with only the easily compacted pouch to dispose of. Meal choices for Freeze Dried and Dehydrated camping food are designed to fit an expansive variety of tastes and lifestyles. We offer vegetarian, gluten-free, and all-natural dehydrated food as well as more conventional options. The Freeze Dry Guy has all your dried food camping supplies at the best prices. With 40 years of experience, this is the source you can trust for the finest in camping Freeze Dried food packs. Shop online or call us to order  - 866.404.3663.


Stocking Your Hunting or Fishing Camp
Hunting and Fishing Food

The same Freeze Dried and dehydrated foods that make excellent choices for long-term emergency preparedness storage are the perfect alternative for stocking your fishing or hunting camp. Freeze Dried camping food fits both uses to a tee! It is the ultimate in modern, easily stored and prepared food. Convenient, nutritious, and made to last for decades when stored under proper conditions, dehydrated camping food provides your hunting camp with a reliable source of delicious dried camping food season after season.

Consider the size of the group visiting your camp when choosing the style of Freeze Dried camping food packaging. If your hunting or fishing trips include a large group, buying cases of #10 cans of Freeze Dried food camping supplies is a wise choice. These big cans feed a crowd. Although the #10 cans of Freeze Dried camping food are specially packed under minimal oxygen content, lasting for years and years. Once opened the contents should be used within 2-4 weeks.

Buckets of Freeze Dried and dehydrated foods conveniently offer a delicious mix of meals in smaller serving sizes, perfect for feeding a small group. Buckets are available that provide enough Freeze Dried and dehydrated meals to last one person fifteen days and come in standard and hearty sizes. Inside each easily stacked bucket are Mylar pouches filled with delicious Freeze Dried food such as SpaghettiChicken a la KingCheesy Lasagna, and  Stroganoff, to breakfast foods. At The Freeze Dry Guy, you will find a fantastic variety of camping food, both dehydrated and Freeze Dried, all at guaranteed minimum pricing. Shop now or call us at 866.404.3663 to order your camping food. With so many choices of quality dried camping food at the best prices, you will easily find exactly the right meals to stock your hunting lodge or Freeze Dried Camping Food for Your Bug Out Bag

The convenience of long storage life, portability, and ease of preparation that camping Freeze Dried food provides, also serves to prepare you for times of emergency.  Keeping a week or two worth of Freeze Dried food in each of your bug out bags ensures that your family will have enough food for an emergency evacuation situation. So light in weight, Freeze Dried camping food is easy for even small children to carry. 

The Freeze Dry Guy offers personal disaster preparedness food consulting services to help you develop a plan for disaster evacuation or long term home survival.  Call us today, our highly skilled preparedness consultants are standing by or email us for more information on our free, no-obligation disaster preparedness consulting services.  We are here to help you! Order Here or Call 866.404.3663.